Digital Solutions for Christian Ministry

Designed to revolutionize digital missions
Client: HopeChannel Int.
Year: 2022-2024
Software Development
Client Overview: Hope.Cloud is a groundbreaking suite of productivity and collaboration tools developed by HCI (Hope Channel International), in partnership with DeepVision Software.
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HCI sought to create a comprehensive platform that would streamline digital mission activities while ensuring alignment with their mission's objectives.

The challenge was to develop a suite of specialized tools that catered to the unique needs of media ministries worldwide, enabling them to produce and distribute high-quality, mission-driven content effectively.

DeepVision Software collaborated with HCI to develop Hope.Cloud, a multifaceted platform encompassing a range of specialized tools tailored to the needs of media ministries. Leveraging their expertise in software development, DeepVision Software meticulously crafted each component of Hope.Cloud to ensure seamless integration and optimal functionality.

Key Features Implemented:

Mission Passport Research Tool:

  • Empowers creators and production teams to identify topics of relevance and interest within the community.
  • Provides high-quality analysis through keyword connections and localization features, ensuring content resonates with the target audience.

Mission Passport:

  • Provides a structured framework for evaluating new project pitches or acquiring existing projects.
  • Ensures alignment with the mission's needs, values, and strategic objectives, contributing meaningfully to mission goals.

Jetstream Studio:

  • Revolutionizes video hosting with robust features for managing digital media production and distribution.
  • Simplifies content delivery across multiple platforms, from social media sharing to live streaming, providing a centralized hub for audience engagement.

Jetstream Analytics:

  • Offers insights into the performance of brands delivered through Jetstream Studio.
  • Enables organizations to gauge the missional impact of their content, informing future content creation decisions and maximizing audience reach.

Jetstream Stock:

  • Provides a comprehensive stock footage aggregator with a vast library of media assets, including original stock footage from Hope Channel.
  • Enables media ministries to access a wide range of videos, images, and audio files to enhance their audiovisual projects, fostering the creation of high-quality mission-driven content.


The collaboration between HCI and DeepVision Software resulted in the successful development and implementation of Hope.Cloud, a groundbreaking platform that has revolutionized digital missions for the Global Hope Channel Network. With its suite of specialized tools, Hope.Cloud empowers media ministries worldwide to produce and distribute high-quality, mission-driven content effectively, ultimately advancing the mission's goals of spreading hope and inspiration to audiences around the world.

"Your approach to the creative process, collaboration, and to detail have been so helpful. You've inspired us to reimagine how we present Wide to the world."

Justin Woods
Justin Woods
Product Manager